Black Lives Matter

Top 5 Ways Islam Cures Racism Created by Christianity.

  1. Loving All the Prophets Equally, Including the Messiah Jesus as Miraculous Humans & Not Gods, Cures the Deification of Any Particular person with any Features or Characteristics.
  2. Encouraging Education with the Quran’s Central Message to Read & Learn Reverses the Messages from Popes to Not Read the Bible, for Fear of Discovering the Multiple Bible Verses that Jesus is Not White.
  3. Forbidding Graven Images, Especially the man altered images of a white Jesus helps Humans Love themselves Equally Despite their colors. Just as Images of Super Models try to Propagate Beauty, Christianity Tries to Propagate What Super humans look like, thus the sad birth of White Supremacists.
  4. Just as the Black Lives Matter movement Demands Accountability of Police who Kill Unarmed People, Islam Teaches Everyone is Accountable. We Are All Responsible For Our Sins, Unlike the Majority Christian Police who Think They Can Kill Indiscriminately & All Crimes & Sins Are Supposedly Washed by a white Flesh god.
  5. Allah Loves Jesus, Allah Did Not Forsake Jesus on the Cross as Christianity Teaches. Jesus Was Not a Scapegoat to Take Any Sins We Commit, We Are All Responsible For Our Own Actions. Thus Deflating the Deadly Rage the Christian Neo Nazis Have Towards Minorities Such as Jews, Labeling them “Christ Killers”. For More Ways Islam Removes Racism & Promotes Equality, You Can Read the Quran.

By Mohamed Ghounem

Author of “White Trinity Disease Cure”