Muslimbook vs Facebook

Top 5 Reasons to Join Muslimbook.

  1. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Discrimination Law Group, Facebook Does Discriminate Against Muslims, allowing Hundreds of Anti-Muslim groups to foment their attacks on Islam. Dozens of these Anti-Muslim groups use Violent Images Against Muslims & Islam, Violating Facebook’s policy, yet Mr. Zuckerberg (A Religious Jew) refuses to remove them. If the same attacks on Jews were posted on Facebook, they would be Instantly removed.
  2. In Addition to Discriminating Against Muslims, Facebook is an “Engine For Genocide Against Muslims” According to the United Nations Investigators. When Buddhists were Slaughtering Muslims in Myanmar, the #1 Propaganda tool used was Facebook. When Kashmir was Locked Down by the Indian Government to Attack Muslims, Facebook Blocked Muslims’ Communication via WhatsApp. When the Chinese Government put More than a Million Muslims in Concentration Camps, Facebook Posted Chinese Government Ads belittling the Nazi Style Treatment of Muslims.
  3. With Facebook’s Net Worth of $527 Billion Dollars Promoting Islamophobia to their nearly 2 Billion Members, Muslimbook is a Pro Islamic Social Network Promoting Peace, Love, Equality, & the Financial Uplifting of Muslims. With Nearly 2 Billion Muslims in the World, the $527 Billion Dollars Could Help Provide Hundreds of Dollars to Every Muslim Worldwide. We Are 1/4 of the World Population, thus would cost Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook $131 Billion Dollars by Switching to When Thousands of Muslim Advocates Pleaded with Mr. Zuckerberg to Stop Facebook’s Bias & Hurtful Tactics Towards Muslim, Mr. Zuckerberg Ignored us & Did the Opposite, Mr. Zuckerberg Will Listen to $131 Billion Dollars.
  4. Rather than Promoting & Profiting from Death to Muslims, Muslimbook Aims to Unite the 2 Billion Muslims in a Halal / Family Friendly environment with Free Resources such as Free Muslim Marriage Platform, Free Islamic Books, Free Muslim Events Calendars, Free Marketplace, Free Job Postings, Quran Audios, Live Islamic Sermons and Much More
  5. Besides the Anti-Muslim Ads & Groups & Posts on Facebook, there is also the Ads displaying Bikinis & Swimsuits Promoting Lust to Our Muslim Youth. We At Muslimbook Make it a Priority to Offer a Virtual Islamic Center for Our Youth to Learn Self Respect & Self Love. Ameen.

By Mohamed Ghounem